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Details for MGYG000308383, a genome assembled from HoloFood chicken metagenomes

Genome details
Stercorousia sp000437435 Bacteria > Cyanobacteria > Vampirovibrionia > Gastranaerophilales > Gastranaerophilaceae > Stercorousia > Stercorousia sp000437435
Cluster representative


Genomes in MGnify Genome Catalogues are clustered by sequence similarity, at the species level. A cluster representative genome is chosen as the best quality genome for each cluster. This representative may or may not be from HoloFood data.

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MGYG000308383’s cluster representative genome MGYG000319700 has been annotated by MGnify’s Genomes pipeline. CAZy (Carbohydrate-Active enZymes) annotations are particularly relevant to HoloFood’s experimental goals, and this graphic shows the number of CAZy annotations on MGYG000319700 from each CAZy category.

API endpoint
/api/genome-catalogues/chicken-gut-v2-0/genomes/MGYG000308383 Copy API Endpoint
Samples containing this genome

MGYG000308383’s cluster representative (MGYG000319700) has been searched for in all HoloFood samples, using a sourmash-based tool. These samples contain some or all of the kmers in MGYG000319700’s sequence. Because MGYG000308383 has been clustered with MGYG000319700 at 95% sequence similarity, this indicates that these samples are likely to contain MGYG000308383.

Filter containing samples

Fraction of MAG kmers present in samples

Samples containing cluster representative MGYG000319700

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Containment Sample accession Animal accession Treatment
1.00 SAMEA10145595 Control
1.00 SAMEA7697633 Prebiotic
1.00 SAMEA10105060 Control
1.00 SAMEA7025287 Prebiotic
1.00 SAMEA7025288 Control
1.00 SAMEA9449916 Probiotic
1.00 SAMEA7697613 Prebiotic
1.00 SAMEA10105056 Prebiotic
1.00 SAMEA10454449 Prebiotic
1.00 SAMEA10105025 Prebiotic