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Chicken Gut v1.0 viral catalogue

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Viral sequence ID Parent contig Type Taxonomy View
ERZ11751823.443-NODE-443-length-8118-cov-6.362768|viral_sequence ERZ11751823.443-NODE-443-length-8118-cov-6.362768 viral_sequence Viewing
Cluster representative of 2 other viral fragments. View cluster
ERZ11806482.1257-NODE-1257-length-1507-cov-2.304408|viral_sequence ERZ11806482.1257-NODE-1257-length-1507-cov-2.304408 viral_sequence View contig
ERZ2916641.20201-NODE-20201-length-1946-cov-3.629297|viral_sequence ERZ2916641.20201-NODE-20201-length-1946-cov-3.629297 viral_sequence View contig

Analysis summaries

Documents written by HoloFood partners and collaborators relevant to the Chicken Gut v1.0 Viral Catalogue