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SAMEA9069013: SB12.03C1a

Sample data for SAMEA9069013, a HoloFood host-genomic salmon sample

Sample details
Salmon SAMEA112949809
Sample type
Host genome data icon host-genomic
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Sample metadata

Metadata for sample SAMEA9069013, stored in BioSamples and ENA.

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Ena Checklist metadata

Marker Measurement Units
ENA-FIRST-PUBLIC 2023-03-22 None
ENA-LAST-UPDATE 2023-03-22 None
External Id SAMEA9069013 None
INSDC first public 2023-03-22T12:21:42Z None
INSDC last update 2023-03-22T12:21:42Z None
INSDC status public None
SRA accession ERS6797328 None
Submitter Id SB12_03C1a_hostG None
collection date 2019-08-14 None
common name Atlantic salmon None
description Salmon host genomic data from Distal gut content; animal SB12.03 from tank SB12 with treatment Venus None
geographic location (country and/or sea) Norway None
geographic location (latitude) 66.08 DD
geographic location (longitude) 12.588 DD
geographic location (region and locality) Dønna; Nordland county None
host body site Distal gut content None
host common name Atlantic salmon None
host diet Sanford Blue Mussel Meal None
host diet treatment Venus: SB 8.7% blue mussel meal None
host diet treatment concentration 0 % mass
host disease status Wounded:- None
host gutted mass 150.2 g
host length 25.5 cm
host scientific name Salmo salar None
host storage container LetSea Tank: Venus None
host storage container pH 7.05 None
host storage container temperature 12.76 °C
host subject id SB12.03 None
host taxid 8030 None
host total mass 176.4 g
library name BEST None
library selection PCR None
nucleic acid extraction D-rex protocol None
organism Salmo salar None
project HoloFood None
project name HoloFood Salmon - Host Genome None
reference host genome for decontamination GCA_000000000.0 None
sample storage buffer Shield None
sample storage container 2ml E-matrix None
sample storage location UCPH None
sample storage temperature -20 °C
sample volume or weight for DNA extraction 0.2 mL
scientific_name Salmo salar None
sequencing method MGISEQ-2000 None
title SB12.03C1a None
trial timepoint 0 day

Sample metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Body site distal gut content None
Experiment genomics None
Index PCR cycles 7 None
Lab Process ID LPS00694 None
Omics Metagenomics None
Organism Salmon None
Pool S-MG-P23-503 None
Project HoloFood None
Raw seq. name S-MG-P23-503/V300074309_L03_503 None
Sample code SB12.03C1a None
Sequencing company BGI None

Treatment metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Treatment code Venus None
Treatment concentration 8.7% %
Treatment description Sanford Blue Mussel Meal None

Trial metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Environment Tanks (flow-through) None
Trial code SB None
Trial description Trial B: Blue mussel-dose response None
Trial end 2019-11-22 None
Trial start 2019-08-14 None
Nucleotide sequencing data

Sample SAMEA9069013 has nucleotide sequencing data in the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA): 1,907,080,810bp sequenced by 13,307,126 reads. View sample SAMEA9069013 in ENA

Related records in ENA

Data domain Accession Title/alias
Sample SAMEA9069013 SB12.03C1a
Reads (Run) ERR5985472 webin-reads-SB12_03C1a_hostG
Reads (Experiment) ERX5625150 DNBSEQ-G400 sequencing: Raw reads: SB12_03C1a_hostG
Project/Study PRJEB45274 HoloFood Salmon Host Genome

Analysis summaries

Documents written by HoloFood partners and collaborators relevant to Sample SAMEA9069013