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SAMEA8141548: SA01.16C1a

Sample data for SAMEA8141548, a HoloFood metatranscriptomic salmon sample

Sample details
Salmon SAMEA112949797
Sample type
Metagenomic / metatranscriptomic data icon metatranscriptomic
API endpoint
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Sample metadata

Metadata for sample SAMEA8141548, stored in BioSamples and ENA.

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Ena Checklist metadata

Marker Measurement Units
ENA-FIRST-PUBLIC 2023-03-22 None
ENA-LAST-UPDATE 2023-03-22 None
External Id SAMEA8141548 None
INSDC first public 2023-03-22T12:21:33Z None
INSDC last update 2023-03-22T12:21:33Z None
INSDC status public None
SRA accession ERS5828362 None
Submitter Id SA01_16C1a_metaT None
collection date 2019-08-12 None
description Salmon meta transcriptomic data from Distal gut content; animal SA01.16 from tank SA01 with treatment Tiger None
geographic location (country and/or sea) Norway None
geographic location (latitude) 66.08 DD
geographic location (longitude) 12.588 DD
geographic location (region and locality) Dønna; Nordland county None
host body site Distal gut content None
host common name Atlantic salmon None
host diet Fermented algae meal (added in in oil coating) None
host diet treatment Tiger: SA Control None
host diet treatment concentration 0 % mass
host disease status Wounded:- None
host gutted mass 481 g
host length 35 cm
host scientific name Salmo salar None
host storage container LetSea Tank: Tiger None
host storage container pH 7.05 None
host storage container temperature 12.76 °C
host subject id SA01.16 None
host taxid 8030 None
host total mass 581.8 g
library name Illumina Ribo-Zero Plus rRNA Depletion Kit + NEB Next Ultra RNA Library Prep Kit None
library selection rRNA depletion + strand specific library None
nucleic acid extraction D-rex protocol None
organism fish gut metagenome None
project HoloFood None
project name HoloFood Salmon - MetaTranscriptomics None
reference host genome for decontamination GCA_000000000.0 None
sample storage buffer Shield None
sample storage container 2ml E-matrix None
sample storage location UCPH None
sample storage temperature -20 °C
sample volume or weight for DNA extraction 0.2 mL
scientific_name fish gut metagenome None
sequencing method Illumina NovaSeq 6000 None
title SA01.16C1a None
trial timepoint 60 day

Sample metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Body site distal gut content None
Experiment metatranscriptomics None
Index PCR cycles 12 None
Lab Process ID LPS00502 None
Omics Metagenomics None
Organism Salmon None
Pool S-MG-P47-527 None
Project HoloFood None
Raw seq. name S-MG-P47-527/V300074300_L03_527 None
Sample code SA01.16C1a None
Sequencing company BGI None

Treatment metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Treatment code Tiger None
Treatment concentration 0.0% %
Treatment description Fermented algae meal (added in in oil coating) None

Trial metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Environment Tanks (flow-through) None
Trial code SA None
Trial description Trial A: Seaweed-dose response None
Trial end 2019-08-13 None
Trial start 2019-06-11 None
Nucleotide sequencing data

Sample SAMEA8141548 has nucleotide sequencing data in the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA): 1,173,886,477bp sequenced by 7,910,670 reads. View sample SAMEA8141548 in ENA

Related records in ENA

Data domain Accession Title/alias
Sample SAMEA8141548 SA01.16C1a
Reads (Run) ERR5377262 webin-reads-SA01_16C1a_metaT
Reads (Experiment) ERX5162253 Illumina NovaSeq 6000 sequencing: Raw reads: SA01_16C1a_metaT
Project/Study PRJEB43098 HoloFood Salmon Trial A+B Gut Metatranscriptome

Analysis summaries

Documents written by HoloFood partners and collaborators relevant to Sample SAMEA8141548