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SAMEA112952638: SA01.16E1a_Iodine

Sample data for SAMEA112952638, a HoloFood iodine salmon sample

Sample details
Salmon SAMEA112949797
Sample type
Metabolomic / chemical data icon iodine
API endpoint
/api/samples/SAMEA112952638 Copy API Endpoint
Sample data

Metadata for sample SAMEA112952638, stored in BioSamples and ENA.

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Ena Checklist metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Organism Salmo salar None
project HoloFood None

Iodine metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Iodine 0.092 mg/kg ww

Sample metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Body site muscle tissue None
Experiment iodine None
Organism Salmon None
Project HoloFood None
Sample code SA01.16E1a None

Treatment metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Treatment code Tiger None
Treatment concentration 0.0% %
Treatment description Fermented algae meal (added in in oil coating) None

Trial metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Environment Tanks (flow-through) None
Trial code SA None
Trial description Trial A: Seaweed-dose response None
Trial end 2019-08-13 None
Trial start 2019-06-11 None

Analysis summaries

Documents written by HoloFood partners and collaborators relevant to Sample SAMEA112952638