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SAMEA112905867: CA06.02C3a_TM

Sample data for SAMEA112905867, a HoloFood metabolomic-targeted chicken sample

Sample details
Chicken SAMEA112905193
Sample type
Metabolomic / chemical data icon metabolomic-targeted
API endpoint
/api/samples/SAMEA112905867 Copy API Endpoint
Sample data

Metadata for sample SAMEA112905867, stored in BioSamples and ENA.

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Biogenic Amines metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Cadaverin 0.01 umol/g digesta
Gesamtamine (Total biogenic amines) 0.14 umol/g digesta
Histamin 0.021 umol/g digesta
Putrescin 0.026 umol/g digesta
Spermidin 0.052 umol/g digesta
Spermin 0.031 umol/g digesta
Tyramin 0 umol/g digesta

Ena Checklist metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Organism Gallus gallus None
project HoloFood None

Fatty Acids metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Acetic acid 1.222 umol/g digesta
Acetic:totalFA ratio 0.88 None
Ammonium 2.34 umol/g digesta
D-Lactate 4.11 umol/g digesta
L-Lactate 20.31 umol/g digesta
L:D lactic ratio 4.942 None
Propionic acid 0.045 umol/g digesta
Propionic:totalFA ratio 0.032 None
Total SCFAs 1.383 umol/g digesta
Total branch chain fatty acids 0.097 umol/g digesta
Total lactate 24.42 umol/g digesta
i-Butyric acid 0.097 umol/g digesta
i-Valeric acid 0 umol/g digesta
iButyric:totalFA ratio 0.07 None
iValeria:totalFA ratio 0 None
n-Butyric acid 0 umol/g digesta
n-Valeric acid 0.019 umol/g digesta
nButyric:totalFA ratio 0 None
nValeric:totalFA ratio 0.014 None

Sample metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Body site ileum content None
Experiment tm None
Organism Chicken None
Project HoloFood None
Sample code CA06.02C3a None

Treatment metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Treatment code CO None
Treatment name Probiotic None

Trial metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Trial code CA None
Trial description Trial 1 None
Trial end 2019-03-11 None
Trial start 2019-02-04 None

Analysis summaries

Documents written by HoloFood partners and collaborators relevant to Sample SAMEA112905867