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SAMEA112905439: CA07.02A3a_Histology

Sample data for SAMEA112905439, a HoloFood histological chicken sample

Sample details
Chicken SAMEA112904893
Sample type
Histology data icon histological
API endpoint
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Sample data

Metadata for sample SAMEA112905439, stored in BioSamples and ENA.

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Ena Checklist metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Organism Gallus gallus None
project HoloFood None

Histology metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Acidic goblet cell density 1.63 per 100um
Acidic goblet cell number 3.76 None
CD3VillusBase 21.35 per 1000um squared
CD3VillusBaseEP 17.35 per 1000um squared
CD3VillusBaseLP 30.35 per 1000um squared
CD3VillusTip 13.99 per 1000um squared
CD3VillusTipEP 9.89 per 1000um squared
CD3VillusTipLP 30.95 per 1000um squared
CD3crypt 12.67 per 1000um squared
CD3cryptEP 21.15 per 1000um squared
CD3cryptLP 4.2 per 1000um squared
Crypt depth 87.2 um
Epithelial area 27.54 per 1000um squared
Mixed goblet cell density 24 per 100um
Mixed goblet cell number 55.54 None
Total goblet cell density 25.63 per 100um
Total goblet cell number 59.3 None
Villus height 231.4 um
Villus height: crypt depth ratio 2.65 um/um
Villus width 119 um

Sample metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Body site ileum tissue None
Experiment histology None
Organism Chicken None
Project HoloFood None
Sample code CA07.02A3a None

Treatment metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Treatment code CE None
Treatment name Prebiotic None

Trial metadata

Marker Measurement Units
Trial code CA None
Trial description Trial 1 None
Trial end 2019-03-11 None
Trial start 2019-02-04 None

Analysis summaries

Documents written by HoloFood partners and collaborators relevant to Sample SAMEA112905439